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"One long, exuberant New Year's Resolution." -The New York Times

"You folks have saved my life, I am getting fitter, faster, going farther and feeling finer! THANK YOU!!! Walking Bob in El Paso, Texas" 
— Robert Durkin, El Paso, TX

"This book forever changed my life... The minute I finished the last page, I believed it and knew what I had to do…I have given away over 30 copies to others hoping to do the same for them. " 
— Chuck Hughes, Mt. Pleasant, SC.

We hear from fans every day about how the Younger Next Year books and Thinner This Year have changed their lives. But there's a limit to what books can do, so we have created this newsletter to provide updated advice and serve as a companion for people who, we hope, are in the process of dramatically improving the quality of their lives. 

And what better time than now! We'll be your guide to making fundamental behavior changes that can slash your risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, and Alzheimer's Disease by 50 percent! 

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astrick Be Healthier

It's simple. You can skip 50 percent of the most serious illnesses and accidents completely as you grow older simply by changing your behavior. We'll show you how. 

astrick Live Better

There are so many nonsense diets and nutrition fads out there - how do you know what's real and what’s not? We'll show you.

astrick Move!

Keeping fit is the key to looking and feeling younger, more energetic and more creative, not to mention more sexual. All our tips on getting fit - exercise, nutrition, and connection - will change your life.

astrick More Fun

The real reason for all this stuff… have more fun in life.

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